How to Separate you Facebook Page from Competition – Part 2

In the first part of “How to Separate you Facebook Page from Competition” I have highlighted 6 important things you need to consider if you want to be on top of the competition.

These are:

1) Set up your strategy carefully
2) Design
3) Videos
4) Competitions
5) Page Promotion
6) Promoted Posts

Apart from the above you need to consider, and do exceptionally well, a few more things. These are not necessarily new but they need time and commitment to get really good results!

1) Content – Your Content must always be relevant to what your audience likes to see and learn from your company. It is not what you want to show them but rather what they want to see. To be more precise, if you always advertise your products on your Facebook page it can be quite boring even if your design-graphics are looking great. What you need to do is to try various information and posts and see to what people respond best. In this way you will prepare a nice mix of content to share on your page that people will respond to.

2) Insights – Facebook provides a huge data of insights for people who visit your Page. I doubt if most of you take the time to analyze those information. Insights will provide you with a better understanding of your audience’s demographics and psychographics as well as which of your posts are doing well and engage more people. This is important as it may give you a better understanding of your audience and help you shape your content towards their tastes more easily!

3) Respond – Responding is very important when it comes to engagement on Facebook. You may have noticed lately that a small button appeared on your Page called “Response Rate”. This gives a signal to visitors if your Page-Brand responds to messages and in what percentage. If you respond to 90% of messages in less than 5 minutes for a straight week then the icon turns green indicating that you are super fast. This fact plus the response you give to comments on your posts will give a huge positive impression about you and how well you care about customers!

4) Monitor Competition – Monitoring your competition can be an easy way to give you an edge or evaluate how much better or worse you are doing. Facebook Insights allows you to monitor some of the competition and how well they perform in some area against your company. In this way you can see which kind of posts have more engagement against your ones or how much reach they have. These insights can help you set targets or give you ideas to generate new type of content or type of approach!

5) Be Creative – Creativity in Social Media is not something new. You may have heard it before for all sorts of reasons. Creativity in your content, creativity in your design graphics, creativity on how you differentiate your Brand are just a few ways to be creative. Creativity though may be also found if you use some new ways to get your message across that competition has never used before! Let me give you an example. If you see that competition is not using videos to answer questions and solve problems for clients then that might be a creative way to communicate with your audience. Another way may be to invite a professional to talk about a subject of interest to your clients (imagine the response to that if competition is not doing it).

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