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PAX Social Media is a boutique agency dedicated to assist businesses and professionals succeed in the Digital Media world. Our unique and in-depth knowledge and experience in the Digital and Social Media world gives as an edge in providing the solutions and strategies necessary to make your goals achievable.

We differentiate not only with our inspired and dynamic team, but also in our unique way of approaching, understanding and customizing solutions for our clients.

Polis Xinaris


Polis Xinaris is a Social Media Strategist and Entrepreneur. He begun his career in 2003 as a marketing manager in the family business Xinaris Home.

Realizing the potential of Social Media at an early stage he became an expert on the field and was among the first to teach the subject to others in Cyprus, inspiring them to use Social Media to promote their Business.

From there on he became a sought after consultant and trainer which let him to create his own agency to offer a wide variety of services in Social Media & Digital Marketing space and offer practical solutions to Brands and Individuals.

Today PAX Social Media is his forefront for providing his services and expertise to everyone looking to differentiate and expand their Brands.

An avid Blogger and Vlogger with a worldwide reach he is always looking to inspire others to Do Social Media the right way