Which Social Media Network brings you the most Business?

So which Social Media Network is most suitable for your Business? On my latest Survey contacted exclusively on Twitter I asked people around the world to answer this question.

Yes it was only asked on Twitter and you can say that Twitter had the privilege here, but not so fast! This does not mean that users of Twitter consider this Network to be the most suitable to bring them business and sales. So what did people responded? Check out the graph below…


As seen here 4 options were given to chose from. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Twitter tops with 40% followed closely by Instagram with 32%. Facebook falls far behind with 17% and LinkedIn with 11%.

It is not so strange that Instagram follows Twitter on this poll with a high percentage. Celebrities and Influencers in general are very active users on those two networks to communicate with their audience and monetize. This combination is also followed by many business people and entrepreneurs across the world.

On the other hand Brands who focus on online selling work more with Facebook as their primary network. This of course varies from country to country but on this poll we get a global view of things.

Finally LinkedIn finds itself on fourth place with 11% but this is not a negligible percentage. On the contrary I find it extremely good as it is used mainly by professionals who want to network and build on their connections in a more longterm way.